Conservation of Kalinzu Natural Forest

Conservation of Kalinzu Natural Forest

Deforestation constitutes today a major problem in East African and Uganda particular. Community’s livelihood relies on forests in terms of income and rural production. The use of firewood and charcoal threatens forests in Uganda, as about 90% of the rural population (Ugandan estimate) relies on firewood for cooking. In this light, the Learning About Forests (LEAF) – Eco-Community Integration Program seeks to empower communities and pupils around Kalinzu Forest in Bushenyi District.

The Eco-School programme in Uganda has established active and engaged Eco-community groups, which take active part in Eco- School activities at the school, organized as committees as well as associations that generate additional income. These Eco-community groups advocate also for quality education as well as they are engaged in Sustainable Natural Resource Management (SNRM) activities, on district and regional level.

This infrastructure of Eco-Community groups /Networks has been key in the promotion of Eco-School methodologies and brought communities closer to their local primary school, using the school as learning hub for sustainable income generating activities. The proposed new activities shall make use of the established Eco-Community groups in Uganda and engage them in the active protection of their immediate environment in with special focus on forests, which influence livelihood.

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