Education for Sustainable Development Policy

Education for Sustainable Development Policy

The workshop was in collaboration with Conservation Efforts for Community Development (CECOD) and Uganda National Commission for UNESCO (UNATCOM)
Creating awareness and advocacy for support of Uganda’s National Education for Sustainable Development policy was the major theme of ESD workshop held on the 28th September 2018 at Imperial Royale hotel Kampala.

Uganda`s national ESD policy has been adopted by the country`s Ministry of Education awaiting approval by cabinet. The Ministry of Education is expected to present the policy to cabinet, defend and subsequently own and guide implementation process. There is however limited awareness and understanding of the concept of ESD generally and support of the policy. This has been evident at different stages during policy design with low participation or no attendance, lack of feedback, low prioritization in scheduling policy items for discussions among others. This could have been caused by several reasons among which include limited engagement, misconception that the policy belongs to Ministry of Education and failure to target key offices that influence decision making. A number of ESD interventions and programmes in the country also appear to target more of the public given that the CSO world is expected to understand ESD and no deliberate effort has focused on them. This is the reason why a workshop is proposed targeting CSOs within the education sector and key stakeholders who will support the final approval and ensure successful implementation of the policy.

Overall Objective
The overall objective of the workshop is to engage Civil Society Organisations and stakeholders to understand and support approval and implementation of the developed Education for Sustainable Development policy.

Specific Objectives
1. To create awareness and understanding about ESD among CSOs and stakeholders in the country
2. To seek for the support of ESD practitioners and stakeholders during the presentation, approval and implementation of Uganda`s ESD policy
3. To share progress, challenges and experiences generated during implementation of Uganda`s ESD agenda

Expected output/outcome
The main deliverable out of the workshop will be a report. The immediate outcome will be understanding and supporting the process of fast tracking the approval of the currently developed ESD policy. The expected overall outcome will be successful implementation of ESD evidenced from sustainable life style and development of the country

A total number of 45 members participated in the workshop. These were selected from CSOs within the country. The criterion for selection is ESD practitioners, Education Practitioners and related CSOs.
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