ESD Awareness in Sheema District

ESD Awareness in Sheema District

Sheema is one of the districts that have been implementing the ESD program in different schools. They later developed a network at the district to make the work efficient.
On 4th December, 2018, they organized an event for the ECO-Schools Network show casing best practices and ESD awareness where they invited their members of Parliament and other different stake holders. The function was held at Kamugungunu Primary school that was found to be among the best performing schools in Eco school program.

The Guest of honor was Hon. Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye, Minister of Science Technology and Innovation and Member of Parliament Sheema Municipality.
Other guests that honored the invitation were; District Chairperson, RDC, DISO and the District Education Officer, Sheema district.

CECOD was represented by; Rebeccah Webaale, M & E Chairperson and Niwasasira Edna, GRAMCOF
The community was well represented by some parents and the area councilors as well.

The function began with a study tour that was conducted around the school where several projects have been successfully implemented. These include;
• Banana plantation
• Rain water harvest tank
• Fruits – orchard
• Herbs
• Compound improvement
• Waste management.
Secondly, a number of exhibitions were displayed which showed skill development, self reliance and sustainability among the pupils and the community around. The guests were happy and recalled back ground and how they earned their living. Among the exhibitions were;

• Mats
• Balls made out of wasted material
• Booklets & Christmas cards
• African sandals
• Shields
• Hand bags
• Woodlot
The dignitaries appreciated the contributions made by Eco – Schools in inculcating skills and knowledge in the Youth especially those in Eco-schools through stakeholders like CECOD. They promised to support the program and include ESD in their daily campaigns. .

The district chairperson Eco – Schools Network / ESD in his speech, gave the history of the program and enlightened the achievements registered so far. These include;

• Rentation of pupils in schools
• The performance of member schools was higher than non-Eco schools
• Banana plantations have become source of food for the staff and income to schools as well.
• Pupils have learnt self-reliant skills as they work in the banana plantation.
• Water harvesting tanks have solved the problem of fetching water from wells and reduced on water bills from NWSC.
• The waste management project has created awareness to the public and maintained the schools clean.
• Acquiring skills of waste management.


Edna Niwasasira, GRAMCOF representative, gave the history and the progress of CECOD in the implementation of ESD at local level and contribution to the draft of ESD Policy. She concluded by enlightening the guest of honor about CECOD’s need for the Members of Parliament to support the passing of the ESD Policy yet to be tabled in the Parliament.

The Guest of honor accepted our requests and promised to do the following;

1. Supporting the passing of ESD Policy once tabled to the floor of the parliament. However, he requested for a soft copy of the ESD Policy so as to share it with the cabinet before being tabled to the parliament.
2. He eagerly promised to disseminate the gospel of ESD to fellow MPS beginning with those in Sheema district to gain popularity in different regions.
3. Supporting the increment of capitation grant for co curricular activities.
4. Agreed with the district chairperson to meet and discuss strategies to use in mobilizing parents to support revitalization of hand work in their schools.
5. Support the team to conduct national engagement with different line ministries and committees of parliament.

Finally he promised to give Eco-school Net work full support to endeavor that ESD Policy is passed and every Ugandan child get a holistic education.

In conclusion, CECOD projects have had a real practical impact both in the Eco-schools as well as the local communities.

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