Global Warming: A fact not fiction

Global Warming: A fact not fiction

Global warming is likely to be the biggest threat of the 21st century and generations to come. Together let us find out its causes and effects, but most importantly the solutions to climate change.

The climate is drastically changing, and environmental awareness will play a significant role in our planet’s future. Just as much as we need nature, nature needs us. This reciprocal relationship is at the core of environmental education programs in Eco-Schools, which can be integrated into all classrooms—science, math, history, and social studies—helping pupils be conscious and connect more deeply locally, and personally to nature.

How can pupils enhance their own connection and responsibility to the environment? The following individuals, organizations, and resources provide ways for teachers to incorporate an interdisciplinary approach to environmental awareness from the global to local level. At the core, the aim is to assist pupils in finding their own voices as global citizens and environmental stewards of this planet.

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