WASH in schools

WASH in schools

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) are crucial for life and health; and equally vital for dignity,Empowerment and prosperity.

Access to Water sanitation and hygiene needs is a human right fundamental to every child and adult.

In Uganda however, poor sanitation and hygiene, as well as unequal access to safe drinking water, make thousands of children very sick and at risk of death

In this regard CECOD is partnering with UNATCOM AND ICESCO to implement WASH in schools in Eastern Uganda.

On April 5th 2022 Students of Buyunze primary school in Luuka district learn how to make pads .

“Stella Kasubo a pupil in P7 shares her story on menstruation on how she felt ashamed to hear female teachers talk about menstrual periods and making local pads.

She now feels happy she can make more pads for her and her friends in the village if  given materials and this has reduced the pressure burden on her parents and shame she used to have on menstruation because of lack of pads.”


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